Bailey Bros Bi-Annual Sale tops at £3045

The Bailey Bros Bi-Annual Sale at Sedgemoor saw a record average of £1861 for the milkers with a top price of £3045.


The best money went to the second calver, Pursuit September Storm. She calved in October and is giving 34kg. A daughter of Prickle, this one sold to John and Pam Taylor for Michael Eavis, Worthy Farm, Pilton. They also acquired the Comestar Outside, October second calver for 2600gns. 


Line Up.JPG44 unselected calved heifers sold to a top of 2400gns twice for daughters of Ronly and Braedale Freeman. And 30 of the milking cows and heifers sold for more than 2000gns.


Eight red and white cows and heifers generated a lot of interest with an in-calf heifer due in December by Baileys TL Matrix Red, selling for 1700gns.


The bulling heifers sold to 970gns for four daughters of Emerald ACR SA T Baxter.


Averages: 48 calved cows; £1777.00, 7 dry cows; £1339.50, 43 calved heifers; £1955.00, 13 in-calf heifers; £1473.00, 23 bulling heifers; £914.00 (Greenslade Taylor Hunt)


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