Balmoral show 2014: Sheep breed championship results


Championship rosette was awarded to Mrs R G Cunningham’s two-shear and upwards ewe, from Hillsborough Co. Down.

Lleyn Champion web

Reserve prize went to Mr Barry Latimer’s ewe of the same class.



Fred and June Loughridge’s shearling ewe, from BAllymoney, Co. Antrim, took the championship rosette.

Swaledale Champion web

She was followed by Mr John Blaney’s two-shear and upwards ram.


Rare breeds

A shearling Teeswater ewe from Mr Samuel Kerr, Moira, Co. Armagh, took this years championship rosette.

Rare Breed Champion (Teeswater) web


Mr A J Thorburn’s two-year-old and upwards ewe took the overall champion rosette, from Annan, Dumfriesshire.

Zwartbles Champion web

Reserve rosette went to Mrs Rachel Megarrell’s ram.



Mr Matthew Burleigh, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, did the double this year. His champion was a two-shear and upwards ewe, with the reserve prize won by his ewe lamb.



The shearling ram of Mrs Diane Christie, Newtownards, Co. Down, won the championship rosette.

Charollais Champion web

Mr William McAllister’s shearling ewe went home with the reserve rosette.


Dorset horn and poll

Mr Thomas Wright’s ram went home to Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, with the championship rosette.

Dorset Champion web

A ewe lamb born on or after 1 September 2013 belonging to Oliver and Christian Hill took the reserve prize.



The championship was awarded to Gary Beacom’s Shearling ewe.

Suffolk Champion web

In reserve was Norman Robinson’s ewe.



The championship was awarded to Alastair Gault’s shearling ewe.

He also took the reserve rosette with his ewe (two shear and upwards).


Ile de France

Standing in championship position was Adam Porter’s ram (two shear and up).

Ile-de-France Champion web

Mr Porter, from Maghera, Co. Londonderry also took the reserve championship with his ewe (two shear and upwards).



Winning the Hampshire championship was Victoria McFadden’s ram. In reserve was Kevin McCarthy with his ram lamb.



A and S Hamilton’s ram took the championship rosette home to Omagh, Co. Tyrone.

Reserve prize went to a two-year-old and upwards ewe from C and D Cromie.


Bluefaced Leicester

Champion was Co Antrim’s Brendan Blaney with a ewe from the two shear and up class.

In reserve was Ballymena’s Michelle Wright with a shearling ewe.


Perth Type Blackface

Champion was awarded to Ballymena’s Sam Adams and his shearling ewe.

In reserve was Ballymena’s Joe Adams’ shearling ram.


Rouge de L’Quest

Champion was Co. Antrim’s NM and AJ Graham with their ram from the two shear and up class.

In reserve was also the Graham family, this time with their first prize shearling ewe.



Champion went to Brian Malcomson’s shearling ewe, from Co. Down.

Reserve was also Mr Malcomson with his prize winning ram from class 151 (two shear and up).


Lanark Type Blackface

Champion was Mr J and C Harkin’s shearling ram

In reserve was Sam Wallace’s ewe.



Champion was Patrick Scott’s shearling ewe.

In reserve was Michelle Wright’s ewe.