Beef cross cows hit £6500 at Carlisle

Last Friday saw a strong entry of beef breeding cattle at Borderway Mart, Carlisle, where Keskadale-based Keith Harryman’s run of heifers averaged £2127 and topped at £6500 for a British Blue cross cow with a Limousin cross heifer calf at foot. Purchasers were Messrs Birrell and Co.

(hutch)cowNcalfs (blog).jpg

Messrs Dodd of West View sold Limousin cross heifers and calves to average £2171 and topped at £3800 for a Limousin heifer and calf, also purchased by Messrs Birrell and Co.

A strong show of 706 bulling heifers were also forward with pens selling for between £900 and £1200. Leading the heifer entry was a British Blue cross from Brian Hall, she sold for £2300.