Beef Expo 2014: Individual class results

Class One – Native heifer

1st – GR Fountaine’s July 2012-born South Devon, Cross Trees Sheila

2nd – Mr and Mrs GH Woollatt’s February 2012-born Longhorn, Gupworth Mistress


Class Two – Native Steer

1st – P Robson’s April 2013-born Galloway x Flash

2nd – M and C Keel’s February 2013-born Shorthorn x Shortie


Class Four – Charolais x steer

1st A Scarborough’s April 2013-born Charlie Boy


Class Five – BB steer

Under 500kg

1st – Tecwyn Jones’ Feb 2013-born Will.I.Am

2nd – RA Elias’ July 2013-born Rambo


Over 500kg

1st – Gilbert Brooke’s April 2013-born Too Hot To Handle

2nd – The Lyons family’s Jan 2013-born Arnie


Class six – Limousin steer

Under 500kg

1st – G Rowlands’ April 2013-born Gwylliad Coch

2nd – M and C Keel’s April 2013-born Coco


Over 500kg

1st – P Robson’s October 2012-born Will I Am

2nd – JEL and CS Morgan’s Oct 2012-born Price Is Right


Class seven – steer under £1,400

1st – The Lyons family’s May 2013-born Lim x Lunedale

2nd – JM and SM Rowlands’ August 2012-born Lim x Flash Man


Class 10 – any other continental heifer

1st – JM and SM Rowlands’ April 2013-born British Blonde x Star Dust

2nd – Miss C Dent’s April 2013-born Lim x BB Cheryl


Class 11 – Charolais sired heifer

1st – JM and SM Priestley’s Sept 2012-born Icona Pop

2nd – Hyslop and Richardson’s April 2013-born Golden Promise


Class 12 – BB sired heifer

Under 580kg

1st – JEL and CS Morgan’s April 2013-born Bobby’s Girl

2nd – TC Edwards and Sons’ Jan 2013-born Miss Style


Over 580kg

1st – Slack and Richardson’s August 2012-born Cover Girl

2nd – A and E Vance’s Oct 2012-born Betty Boop


Class 13 – Limousin sired heifer

Under 460kg

1st – D Small’s April 2013 born Mya

2nd – T Jones’ May 2013-born Candy Crush


Over 460kg

1st – G and E Jones’ July 2013-born Fancy That

2nd – The Lyon family’s March 2013-born Sensation


Over 500kg

1st – N Beardsley’s Jan 2013-born Special One

2nd – Fountaine and Bodily’s Jan 2013-born Midnight Lady


Over 600kg

1st – Neil Slack’s June 2012-born Watabootie

2nd – Hyslop and Richardson’s Oct 2012-born Halley


Class 14 – heifer under £1,400

1st – J and J Fenwick’s June 2012-born Lim x Black B

2nd – GH and AH Roberts’ May 2013-born BB x No Angel