FFA gets praise for campaign against Brazilian beef

Farmers For Action has received praise from acclaimed writer George Monbiot for its determined action to curb the supermarket appetite for cheap imported beef.

Writing in Tuesday’s (18 October) Guardian Mr Monbiot begins with strong criticism of FFA’s campaign to see duty on diesel fuel reduced, describing them as “Neanderthals”.

“It doesn’t matter how often you explain that cheap fuel, which allows the supermarkets to buy from wherever the price of meat or grain is lowest, has destroyed British farming.  They stand in front of the cameras and make us watch while they cut their own throats,” say Mr Monbiot.

But through gritted teeth he gives praise to FFA chairman David Handley, whom he describes as “the caveman in chief”, for his efforts warning that Foot and Mouth disease had not been eliminated from parts of Brazil.

“In January… David Handley warned that foot and mouth had not been eliminated from Brazil, and that imports of meat from the country risked bringing it back to Britain.  The buyers brushed his warning aside.”

According to Mr Monbiot imports of Brazilian beef to the UK rose by 70% to 34,000t in the first half of 2005 alone.

Now, following the confirmation of foot and mouth in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul Britain’s leading supermarkets have ceased importing Brazilian beef.