Funding to raise Welsh beef profile

The EU is providing 2.2m to finance a raft of initiatives designed to boost Welsh beef production.

The three-year Beef Quality Improvement Project begins in January and aims to help producers exploit the latest ideas on herd health, breeding, grazing and waste management.

Farmers will be able to apply for a 40% grant, up to a maximum of 2500, to buy a quality bull.

Farmers who participate will have to commit themselves to completing a training programme covering health management, breed improvement and environmental management.

The topics to be covered include the use of medicines, disease prevention and transport and pre-slaughter routines.

The genetics of cattle breeding, breeding technologies and herd breeding strategy will also be included in the training sessions.

Dewi Hughes, who is to co-ordinate the project on behalf of Hybu Cig Cymru, said he hoped everyone involved in the Welsh beef industry would be prepared to co-operate to make the initiative a success.

“Only by working together can we meet the needs of a changing and increasingly demanding marketplace, and take on the competition and win,” claimed Mr Hughes.

Interested farmers should register their interest with Hybu Cig Cymru at 01970 625 050.

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