High energy liquid feed could benefit beef producers

Beef farmers could lower feed costs by maximising the use of home-grown feeds with the addition of a new highly palatable high energy liquid feed.

Lactoboost from Trident Feeds is a sugar-rich, free-flowing whey permeate from the dairy industry. The company claims it stimulates intakes and provides rumen energy to drive rumen microbial protein production and reduces diet sorting.

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Trident technical manager Michael Marsden believes the product could be an option for beef farmers who are looking to reduce their feed costs by using home-grown crops, especially forages which are low in sugars.

He adds: “LactoBoost is a great binding liquid and dust suppressant, thereby reducing ration sorting. This leads to a more balanced diet, which can be associated with a reduced risk of acidosis, and any growth checks that could affect finishing.”

Dr Marsden says the liquid feed can be fed as part of a TMR or, as straight liquid, poured on to other feeds.