Best of Blacks Aberdeen-Angus females hit 15,000gns

Selling for the top call of 15,000gns at Saturday’s Best of Blacks sale at St Boswells was Blelack Lady Heather, a Netherallan Peter Pershore daughter from Neil and Graeme Massie. Having previously stood first at the Royal Highland and breed champion at Angus, Turriff and Tarland, she sold to Loftus Farms with a TSI of +35 and an SRI of +44.

blelack 15k.jpgFollowing that at 13,800gns was Rawburn Julie Erica from the Elliot family. This is a March 2006-born Rawburn Lord Ross daughter out of a Midwestern X21 of Tullfergus daughter. She traded with a TSI of +40 and an SRI of +49 and a Rawburn Rommel heifer calf at foot. She went to Mike Frazer, Co Antrim.

rawburn 13,800.jpgNext best price of 8000gns was achieved by Blelack Blackbird from the Massies, she sold to Jan Boomars, Surrey. This one is by Nightingale Defiance and is out of a Galcantray Edward daughter, she was previously junior champion at the Highland.

blackbird 8000.jpgThen selling at 7500gns was Rawburn Ella, a Fruelands Atlas daughter out of a Lord Ross-sired dam. Sold in calf to Rawburn El Torro, she was bought by J C Lister Farms, Boroughbridge.

rawburn ella 7500.jpgMaking 7000gns  was Castlgate Ruby from C S Addison. This is a February 2008-born Drumcow Proud Peacock daughter out of a Mr Eammon of Church Farm daughter. She went to Mike Frazer.

castlegate 7000.jpgNext best after that was a 6000gns bid for Rawburn Duchess Kent, a May 2008-born Rawburn Lord Hyster. Sold in calf to Rawburn El Torro, she also went home to Northern Ireland with Mike Frazer. She has a TSI of +38 and an SRI of +52.

After that at 5000gns was Rawburn Toyah, a Rawburn Lord Ross daughter out of a Ranui Impact daughter. Again in-calf to El Torro she was bought by Surrey-based Jan Boomarrs.

Averages; eight cows abnd calves £3425.62, 23 heifers £3948.91 (John Swan Ltd).