Blelack production sale achieves record average

Aberdeenshire Charolais breeder Neil Massie saw flying trade at the production sale of his Blelack herd at Borderway Mart last week (9 May), achieving a record average of £7,476 and a top price of 16,200gns.

Star of the sale and selling for a combined price of 16,200gns was a four-year-old cow with her eight-month-old bull calf at foot. Blelack Gretel TI +70 SRI +61 who is sired by the 15,000gns Goldies Dynamite sold to J and A Price, Staunton-On-Wye, Herefordshire, for 12,000gns. Meanwhile her bull calf Blelack Jeffrey – a Caylers Hustler son – went for 4,200gns to C and E McCombie, Huntly, Aberdeenshire.

Next best at 11,000gns was another cow and calf outfit; this time the three-year-old Goldies Dynamite daughter Blelack Heidi TI +55 SRI +46 and her six-month-old heifer calf Blelack Julia, who is sired by Caylers Hustler. Buyer was NA Wattie, Alford, Aberdeenshire. Mr Wattie also paid 9,000gns for another three-year-old cow Blelack Hollyhock TI +50 SRI +43 by Ugie Echo and her six-month-old heifer calf Blelack Jill sired by Caylers Hustler.

Blelack Heidi 11,000gns

Also selling at 11,000gns was the two-year-old in-calf heifer Blelack Iris TI +60 SRI +57 by the 10,000gns Balmyle Dingle. The buyer was W and CS Robb, Mauchline, Ayrshire, who also paid 10,000gns for Blelack Frond TI +50 SRI +56 by Swalesmoor Bayonet. She sold with her eight-month-old heifer calf Blelack Jacaranda at foot, who is sired by the 9,000gns Carlisle supreme champion Glencoe Hagrid.

Blelack Iris 11,000gns

Messrs Robb later purchased the six-month-old heifer calf Blelack Jasmine, a daughter of the 25,000gns Balbithan Vespasian for 2,800gns. While her five year old dam Blelack Eloise TI +23 SRI +23 sired by the 12,000gns Coolnaslee Adversary sold for 3,500gns to Glyn Owen, Wells, Powys.

Selling at 8,000gns to Neil Barclay, Insch, Aberdeenshire, was a five year old in-calf cow also by Adversary; Blelack Ethel TI +31 SRI +33.

Blelack Ethel 8,000gns

Also heading home with Mr Barclay at 6,000gns was the six-year-old in-calf Adversary daughter, Blelack Dulcie TI +41 SRI +42.

Also at 8,000gns was Blelack Fawn TI +54 SRI +50 by Goldies Dynamite. Buyer was to AJ Ewing, Annan, Dumfriesshire, at 5,000gns.

Her seven month old son of Blelack Digger, Blelack Jackdaw, sold for a price tag of 3,000gns to A and A Provan, Douglas, Lanarkshire.

Blelack Ginny TI +57 SRI +54, a daughter of Goldies Dynamite and her heifer calf Blelack Juliet sired by Caylers Hustler made a combined price of 7,100gns. Four-year-old Ginny went to Messrs Morr and Bow for 4,300gns, while her eight-month-old daughter was purchased for 2,800gns by Reelow Livestock, Whitchurch, Shropshire.

Two in calf heifers sold made 7,000gns. First of these was 23-month-old Blelack Ivy TI +45 SRI +31 by the 11,000gns Maerdy Dublin. She was bought by GJ and CD Smith, Liskeard, Cornwall. Following her at the same money was Blelack Isis TI +52 SRI +54, a 25 month old daughter of the 10,000gns Balmyle Dingle. Buyer was J Preece and Sons, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

The final lot to sell for 6,000gns was another Goldies Dynamite daughter, the four-year-old Blelack Foxglove TI +54 SRI +51. She was purchased by LH Wardle, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, along with her six month old heifer calf Blelack Janey who is sired by Glencoe Hagrid.

Averages: 15 cows with calves at foot, £7,476, 15 in-calf cows, £4,578, seven in-calf heifers, £5,910.

(Harrison and Hetherington)