Bovine TB facts and figures

General facts and figures…


Government statistics: TB statistics for Great Britain – Jan – Apr 2008


GB total

Total number of cattle herds registered on VetNet (DEFRA database)…


…of which were under TB2 restirctions because of a TB incident at some time during the reporting period


Total new herd TB incidents


Animals slaughtered (excluding any reactors awaiting slaughter)


Full DEFRA statistics can be found here 


Bovine TB facts

  • 2,677 new outbreaks were reported up to end of August 2007, a 22% increase on 2006.

  • The Randomised Badger Culling Trial (RBCT) suggests badgers found could account for 40% of cattle TB breakdowns in some areas. 

  • The average pre-movement test is costing £15.36 per animal, with some farms incurring costs more than £20 an animal.

  • Between 2002 and 2007 the number of cattle slaughtered for TB control purposes has risen to 133,935.

  • Sir David King’s (the government’s former chief scientific adviser) report into TB and badger culling found reducing density of badgers in TB hotspots reduces incidence of TB in cattle in the same area

  • Sir David King’s report also concluded the removal of badgers is the best option available at the moment to reduce the reservoir of infection in wildlife

  • In Ireland, targeted badger culling strategy has reduced TB outbreaks in cattle by 42% in the past five years