Bovine tuberculosis wasting £70m of milk

Bovine tuberculosis is costing the UK economy more than £70m in wasted milk production capacity.

NFU vice president Meurig Raymond said that by the year end 40,000 cattle will be culled. That represented a staggering waste of 280m litres worth of milk production each year.

“At present prices that is £72m,” Mr Raymond said.

“The government says it is worried about food price inflation so how come it stands back and watches hundreds of millions of litres of milk going down the drain.

“Hilary Benn has ignored the fact that badgers are spreading the disease.

“He has side-stepped science which showed a cull could work.

“He has overlooked the fact that farming can meet the requirements of the badger culling trial.

“And he has absolved his responsibility to the livestock industry and to the public,” Mr Raymond added.

Key facts- milk loss to the industry: 

  • 40,000 cattle

  • 280m litres

  • £72.5m

  • 2% of UK quota