Brisk trade at Cutcombe sees cull ewes sell to over £100

Brisk trade wasseen at Cutcombe’s sale of Fat and Store Lambs and Cull Ewes and Rams last week.A group of seven buyers ensured all forward sold to a firm price.

Fat lambs sold to an average across all of 148.8p/kg. With best types reaching £71for D C Stacey, Dinglefield, £73 for Messrs Palmer and Son, Court Place andheavy lambs from Mr V F Ellicott sold to £75.20.

Store lambs soldto average £45 and peaked for lambs from Mr M A Reed, Higher Pouchydown at £67.

Cull ewes sold well to average £62, including a good mix of small ewes and somequality stronger ewes from Messrs D W and J Jones’ Higher North Radworthy,which sold to £99.80 and the top of the day from Messrs Cook Partners selling apen for £101.50. Further strong prices included those from Messrs H J and R HMildon, Whitsford reaching £99 for their pen. Many further vendors includingMiss H Coles, Combeshead Farm and Messrs F E Rawle and Son, Quarme Farmrealised prices over £90.

Auctioneers: Exmoor Farmers