British Blue sell to 3,250gns at Ballymena

At the Premier Show and Sale on of British Blue bulls at Ballymena three bulls were sold averaging £2,607 topping at 3,250gns for Chatham Harold, a bull of good stature that certainly caught the eye from the crowd.

He was being backed up with tremendous performance figures, being at the top of the breed for Calving Ease, in the top 10% for Growth, Scrotal Size, Carcase Weight and Intramuscular Fat, having a Carcase Profitability Index in the top 5%.

Chatham Henry, another son of Verdi being knocked down for 2,300gns. Bethel Horatio, son of Empire D’Ochain, being in the top 10% of the breed for Growth and Carcase Profitability Index, will be finding a new home at 2,000gns.

Three females sold at an average of £1,650.