British Egg Products Association to launch a £100,000 campaign

The British Egg Products Association (BEPA) is launching a £100,000 “Best of British” campaign in June to promote Lion Quality egg products.

Led by a new advertising campaign, BEPA will be targeting food manufacturers and catering companies with the ‘Buy British’ message after research showed that imports have grown by 40% since 2001. And more than half of food manufacturers were currently sourcing imported egg products.

The research also showed that more than 80% of consumers felt that using British eggs within manufactured products was important, but were unaware that almost a third of these products contain imported eggs. 

Clive Frampton, chairman of BEPA, said: “There appears to be a lot of confusion surrounding egg products and it is this that producers of Lion Quality egg products wish to address. Once manufacturers, retailers and consumers have the clear facts then the importance of sourcing Lion Quality egg products will become obvious.”

The campaign has strong support from several leading food companies, including McDonalds and Tryton Foods, which manufactures Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings.