British Poultry Council discusses disease cost-sharing options

Members of the British Poultry Council (BPC) recently gathered for a seminar on plans to share cost and responsibility for animal diseases between the government and the livestock sector.

Ted Wright, chairman of BPC, said: “This major piece of policy has massive implications for poultry producers and processors. Animal disease outbreaks have rarely been out of the headlines in the past two years, and this is a chance for us to take a step back from events on the ground and assess the management and cost in a rounded way.”

According to the BPC the government has a vision for responsibility sharing. And with cost sharing, the agenda has moved on from solely disease and is now looking at the funding of all animal health and welfare.

Charging mechanisms and disease categorisations are all part of the consultation, along with how other countries are doing it around the world.

The government’s responsibility and cost sharing discussions with the livestock sector continue to develop and a series of regional workshops will take place in the coming weeks.