Bullock prices up 39.8p/kg at Huntly

Huntly United Auctions Sold 1,381 cattle at their show and sale on at the weekend; which was judged by Bruce Walker, Newton of Lewesk.

Bullocks (793) averaged 234.9p per kg (up 39.8p per kilo on the year) and sold to 355.9p per kg for a Charolais cross from Coleburn, Elgin and to £1,400 for a kg Charolais cross from West Davoch, Tarland.

Heifers (576) averaged 224.1p per kg (up 40.1p per kilo on the year) sold to 482p per kg for BRB X’s from Parrock, Rothiemay and £2100 for kg from Parrock, Rothiemay.

In the presale show champion was a Limousin cross heifer from L&B George, Parrock, Rothiemay scaling 435kg and selling to £2100 (482p per kilo).

Reserve champion was awarded to a Limousin cross bullock from S Stephen, Meikle Geddes, Cawdor scaling 515kg at £1390 (269.9p per kilo).

Champion pen of four heifers were four Charolais crosses from Auchnascraw, Glenlivet scaling 426kg selling at £1000 (234.7p per kilo)

Champion pen of four bullocks were four Limousin crosses from Meikle Geddes, Cawdor scaling 427kg selling at £1160 (271.7p per kilo)

Leading Prices per head and per kg

Bullocks: Up to 250kg – 8 Craigmin, Drybridge £580, 236.6p; 251-300kg – Coleburn, Longmorn £1050, 355.9p; 301-350kg – Dunscroft, Huntly £1050, 300p; 351-400kg – Parrock £1140, Dunscroft 305.6p; 401-450kg – Tullochleys, Clatt £1160, Meikle Geddes, Cawdor 271.7p; 451-500kg – Tulloch, Alford £1330, 282p; 501-550kg – Meikle Geddes £1390, 269.9p; 551-600kg – West Davoch, Tarland £1330, Poolside, Rothiemay 224.8p; 601-650kg – West Davoch £1320, 209.5p; 651kg+ – West Davoch £1400, 205.9p;

Heifers: 251-300kg – Edendiack, Gartly £790, 267.8p; 301-350kg – Edendiack £980, Coleburn 293.5p; 351-400kg – Dunscroft £1450, 386.7p; 401-450kg – Dunscroft £1520, 337.8p; 451-500kg – Edendiack £1520, 316.7p; 501-500kg – Poolside £1580, 298.1p; 551-600kg – Nethermills, Grange £1300, 228.1p; 601+kg – Dunscroft £1700, 263.6p