Bumper slaughter cattle entry at Newark

A massive entry of slaughter cattle at Newark on Wednesday, saw the mart set a new post-2001 slaughter sale record, with 789 slaughter cattle sold on the day.

The sale stats included 172 OTM cattle which saw OTM cows top at £1351.25 for a 757kg British Blue from Euro Express Livestock and level the day at 118.61p/kg. OTM steers sold to peaks of £1382.60/head for a 1240kg Friesian from DG Hoggard and 159.5p/kg for a 636 Limousin from R Dunthorne. And, OTM heifers were led at £1116.23 and 184.5p/kg for a 605kg British Blue from G Coulsbra.

The 178 young bulls forward then went on to sell to a peak of 202.5p/kg for a Limousin from Robert and Debbie Hutchinson and top price/head was a £1317.03 bid for a Limousin from Fred Harrison, Ashbourne. These levelled out at 148.09p/kg.

In the 243 steers, top price/kg was 202.5p/kg for a British Blue from Barry Ablewhite and top gross price was £1365.39 for a Limousin from Wendy Pickard. The steers averaged 151.93p/kg overall.

Of the 196 heifers forward the top call of 217.5p/kg went to a British Blue from Paul Dawes, Hereford, top grossing heifer was a 597kg British Blue from G Coulsbra which sold at £1238.78.

With a total of 24 individual buyers present buying on 41 accounts there can be few other prime cattle sales to rival this sort of turn out.