Busy couple of days planned for Carlisle

As anyone perusing the classified adverts in recent weeks will have noticed the next couple of days are set to be busy on the sheep sales front for the H and H team in Carlisle.

Coupled with more than 1100 Beltex catalogued for sale are a further 85 Suffolks, 124 Rouge, 120 Bleus and also a production sale for the Haddo flock of Texels.

Unfortunately, I’ve not had a chance to look through the catalogues and provide any sort of preview, however, I will be in Carlisle from about lunchtime tomorrow onwards to provide coverage of the sales and keep you all as up to date as I possibly can.

It’s set to be a busy couple of days, but hopefully a profitable few for all concerned and no doubt I’ll run into a good few of you round the ringside too….