Calf pneumonia costing beef industry millions

Calf pneumonia could be unknowingly costing the UK beef industry millions, with many farmers often not taking into account the full range of costs involved.

That’s according to Merial Animal Health’s Fiona MacGillivray who says like so many diseases in cattle, pneumonia has an economic consequence because of the effect that it has on production. “Estimates of the costs vary between £43 and £84 for every affected calf. Most people only take into account the cost of treatment, which is about 40% of the overall cost. However, another 40% is made up from the cost associated with lost production,” she says.

The cost of labour and mortality make up the rest of the costs associated with the disease. “Dealing with pneumonia as quickly as possible, and ensuring that the treatment is fast-acting and effective, is even more important when you take these factors into account.”