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#Calfmatters Part 2: Building calf resilience

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#Calfmatters is an educational resource for farmers, vets and advisors alike.

Since it was launched with the website two years ago, the initiative has grown to include the annual #Calfmatters health survey, various short videos giving advice to farmers on many aspects of calf rearing from buildings to nutrition, as well as a series of informative articles in the farming press and on-farm meetings and talks.

The #Calfmatters team of vets and experts will be speaking at events around the country and look forward to catching up with as many farmers as possible, to discuss any aspect of calf rearing, health and management.

For more information visit our website #Calfmatters

Over the next 4 weeks Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, as part of its #Calfmatters initiative, will be bringing you a series of essential videos that will cover a range of topics to help you achieve better calf health.

At this time of year we’re thinking about housing of cattle, and these videos provide tips to ensure your calves are in the best shape for a productive winter.

Matt Pugh, Belmont farm and equine vets, and Ailsa Milnes provide tips and tricks on how to help your calf health and welfare go from good to great.

They introduce the #Calfmatters Blueprint as something for you to use on your farm, providing essential information and new ideas to try out.