Carlilse Limousin trade comes to life

And, in the words of DT the trade here has just come to life. Leading the charge at 8500gns was Naby Defender (lot 134) from the Dents, this one is by Glangwden Useful and out of Naby Tanya, a Glenrock OJ daughter.

At 5200gns was Greenwell Dony (lot 131)from the Natress family. This is by Vagabond and out of Greenwell Amy, a Tanin daughter.

Selling at 4200gns was Breconside Dazzler (lot 136) a Kaprico Atlas son out of Breconside Vixen.

And at 6500gns was Kype Director (lot 141) this one is a son of Cloughhead Lord and out of Kype Irma, a Filip daughter. Beef value here was +25.

The first from the Griffiths family’s Mynach herd came next and sold at 5000gns.This was Mynach Dangermouse (lot 142) and is by Sable and out of Mynach Rhian a Mynach Michel daughter. He had a beef value of +31.