Carlisle Charolais bull preview

Apologies for not getting this preview of Satuday’s Charolais sale at Carlisle up here sooner, I didn’t see the catalogue until Tuesday and haven’t really had enough time to study it, so this preview has been a tad rushed and may well have missed out some of the bulls you’ve got marked up as highlights. If so then feel free to add them to the mix via a comment.

Right, first up out of an entry of 220 bulls is Westcarse Daimler (lot 34) from the Christie family. This is a son of Corrie Allan, October 2006 Perth junior champion, and is out of Westcarse Ultrabright, a Mortimers Roselier daughter.

Next up is a son of 55,0000gns sire Thrunton Voldemort in the shape of Sportsmans Deputy (lot 35), this one is out of Sportsmans Starlight, an Ugie Legend daughter and has a TSI of +18 and an SRI of +24.

After that its on to Maerdy Dalgleish (lot 40), another by Voldemort, he is ouf of Maerdy Notche, a Maerdy Grimaldi son and has a TSI of +33 and an SRI of +41.

Another of Esmor Evans catches the eye to in Maerdy Dollarman (lot 44), a Vald’Or-Ra son out of Maerdy Poem, another Grimaldi daughter. He has a TSI of +40 and an SRI of +41.

One from the Campbells of Thrunton is next on my list, being Thrunton Discovery (lot 74). This is a Newhouse Bigal son out of Thrunton Amelia, a Talisman daughter, so combines some of the best modern lines at Thrunton. And, interestingly has good calving figures too, with a direct calving ease of 1.2, possibly a way of getting Talisman breeding without the poor calving indices usually tied to his sons.

And following that and also with good calving values is Goldies Dice (lot 78) from Hamish Goldie. He’s bu Goldies Banker and out of Goldies Betty, a Balthayock Ulex daughter. He has a TSI of +41, an SRI of +52 and has a direct calving ease figure of +3.1.

Even easier calving should be his herdmate, Goldies Defence (lot 83), this is by Goldies Vicechancellor and out of Goldies Babette, a Dingle Hoffmeister daughter. Selling with a TSI of +41 and an SRI of +46, he has a direct calving ease value of +7.6.

After that it is a bit of a jump to Gretnahouse Dallaglio (lot 114), a Moncur General son out of Gretnahouse Beauty, a Major daughter. He has a TSI of +46 and a massive SRI of +57.

Then its on to Glenericht Daredevil (lot 132) for my next pick. This is a son of Moyness Vivacious, breed champion at the Highland last year, and is out of Balnuith Raemonia, a Hoffmesister daughter. His main failing could be a direct calving ease figure of -8.1, but his pedigree makes him worth a look I’d say. He has a TSI of +18 and an SRI of +26.

Following that I move to Sackville Edmund (lot 150), this Kilcullen Ted son is out of Sackville Veronique, a Rostherne Pacha daughter out of Sackville Sapphire, the Sackville herd’s great breeding cow which is dam of Sackville Adonis and Sackville Cladius, both sold to the Newhouse and Balmyle herds.

Next up is Elgin Elvis (lot 160), a Harestone Tyrol son out of Elgin Anastacia, an Allanfauld Tennessee daughter. He comes with a TSI of +42 and an SRI of +46.

A Dingle Hoffmeister son is also of interest in the shape of Balmyle Edward (lot161). He’s out of Balmyle Belinda, a maternal sister to Balmyle Teasel, a former Highland reserve female champion. His TSI is +39 and his SRI is +47.

Another from Balmyle, Sackville Adonis son Balmyle Elwood (lot 194). This one is out Balmyle Plum, a Brampton Nacodor daughter. He sells with a TSI of +33 and an SRI of +41.

Towards the end of the book I’ve marked Balthayock Emperor, a Balbithan Vespasian son out of Balthayock Ultraviolet, a Maerdy Othello daughter, he has a TSI of +41 and an SRI of +55.

The final one in my list is Hallbankgate Embark, a Moelfre Ambassador son out of Hallbankgate Venue, an Edenhurst Pioneer daughter. This has a TSI of +46 and an SRI of +50.

As I said at the beginning this is just a quick run through and I’m quite sure some of you will have other views on the ones to watch on Saturday, so feel free to chip in with your picks….