Carlisle Charolais bull preview

First up my apologies for not getting this preview up here sooner, I’ve just about managed to get a decent look at the catalogue now, although as ever I’m bound to have missed something that some of you will fancy a look at. Feel free to add your own selections below.

First to get a mark from me is Shankfoot Excel from J R G and R M Johnson (lot 7), this is a son of the good breeder Inverlochy Resolve and is out of a daughter of muscle bull Doonally New, which would be an interesting mix of breeding. He comes with a TSI of +32 and an SRI of +39, although a calving ease of -7 wouldn’t suit everyone.

Next pick is Congress Eros (lot 23), this Goldies Unbeatable son is out of Carribeg Connie, a Burradon Talisman, again representing an interesting mix of bloodlines. He has previously been male calf champion at Three Counties in 2010.

Then I’ve picked another with Talisman breeding, this time Eastkirk Everest (lot 27). This is by Talisman himself and out of Eastkirk Tracey, a Killadeas Jack daughter. His figures aren’t great, but the combination of Talisman and Jack could be worth a look.

A few lots later I’ve marked Maerdy Elixir (lot 33) from Esmor Evans. He is by Maerdy Ulm and out of a Maerdy Padirac daughter and has a TSI of +32 and an SRI of +38.

After that and in the same class is Gretnahouse Emphatic (lot 41). This Thrunton Camelot son is out of Gretnahouse Asilla, a Dingle Hoffmeister daughter, so combines Moybraypark Orlando and Hoffmeister lines with a TSI of +25 and an SRI of +30.

Following on I’ve put a mark by Ballathie Eagle (lot 46). This one is by Balmyle Bollinger, sire of last year’s sale topper from Martin Irvine, and is out of Ballathie Sally, a Balthayock Lombardo daughter. He has a TSI of +36 and a strong SRI of +44.

It’s quite a jump to my next choice which is Thrunton Endeavour (lot 69). This is a son of 22,000gns Newhouse Bigal out of Thrunton Avril, a Talisman daughter. Again an interesting mix of blood and with a positive calving index of 1.1.

A Dingle Hoffmeister son is my next pick, this is Goldies Elation (lot 83). He’s out of Blelack Ripple, a Maerdy Neptune daughter which is dam of Goldies Unbeatable. He comes with a TSI of +43 and an SRI of +49 and a positive calving figure of +2.9.

Then it’s on to Newhouse Firstfoot (lot 97). This Balmyle Churchill son is out of Newhouse Tombola, a Brampton Nacodar daughter and has a TSI of +39 and a strong SRI of +49, although his calving figure of -11 may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

But, one that will please those looking for an easy calver will be Elgin Francis (lot 103). He’s by Harestone Tyrol and out of Elgin Rea, an Elgin Mastermind daughter. With a TSI of +27 and an SRI of +32, his real bonus is a direct calving ease of +19.8 couple with a daughters calving ease of +4.3.

From across the water in Northern Ireland comes Ratoary Ferguson from Sean MGovern (lot 109). This one is by Oldstone Egbert and out of Deerfin Tina, a Doonally New daughter. He is full brother to bulls sold for 11,500gns and 9000gns and has a TSI of +27 and an SRI of +35. His show record includes being junior champion at Clogher and junior champion at Fintona last year.

A bull by the sire of this Spring’s Stirling topper, Kelton Trident is my next pick. This is Lochend Frontier (lot 111). Out of Lochend Cheetah, a Bassett Unicorn daughter he has a TSI of +32 and an SRI of +33.

Those looking for a polled bull can find one in the form of Alwent Fanfare (lot 117). Sired by Virgil SC, he’s out of Alwent Cannes, an Alwent Vougeot daughter and has a TSI of +40 and an SRI of +46.

And the bull with the highest figures I’ve spotted in the catalogue is my next choice, this is Goldies Fred (lot 119), a Blelack Blackberet son out of Goldies Babette, a Hofmeister daughter. He has a TSI of +46 and an SRI of +53 and is positive for calving ease at +8.4.

One by 55,000gns bull Thrunton Voldemort is next in the form of Maerdy Fry (lot 124). This one is out of Maerdy Amoeba, a Maerdy Padirac daughter and has a TSI of +24 and an SRI of +30, but with a calving ease of -9.2.

And then it’s a big jump to my final pick. That’s not to say there’s nothing to catch the eye in some of the junior classes, but I’ve tried to limit my selection a bit. So, my last choice is Gretnahouse Filmmaker (lot 168). He’s by Thrunton Camelot and out of Gretnahouse Voluptuous, a Gretnahouse Noel daughter. He has a TSI of +31 and an SRI of +38.

That’s its for my selection, but as always feel free to point out what I’ve missed.