Carlisle junior Limousin title to Grahams

The junior title has gone to Robert Graham with Grahams Dynamite, a Samy son out of Lisette, an Indien daughter. Reserve sptot was taken by Stephen Irvine with Anside Diageo, a Frewstwon Breakdance son out of Arkleside Jane, a Cannon daughter.

Meanwhile, in the nineteenth class of the day it was another win for the Grahams team, with Grahams Dallas doing the honours here. This is by Samy and out of Noix, second was Newhouse Dynamo, a Kype Vandamme son out of Newhouse Talulla and third was Bankdale Don.

In the twentieth class of the day the top ticket was taken by Michael Loughran with Millgate Dollar, this is by Haltcliffe Underwriter and out of Millgate Biddy, second here was Marelpark Director, a Grahams Uist son out of Marlepark Unique and third was Newhouse Dimitri.

In class 21, labelled earlier in the week here as the “class of death” it was a win for David Kenwell with Corrygarm Diarra, a Sympa son out of Honeylodge Ava, this bull was the subject of much pre-sale speculation here on Taking Stock and is one to watch for tomorrow. Second spot here went to another of my picks, Grahams Dublin, a Millington Vascular son out of Burnbank Adele and third was Ironstone Diego. This class certainly lived up to expectations and had plenty of heads being scratched ringside as people tried to work out just where to start their selections!

In the final class of the day the winner was Bailea Black Dealornodeal, a Marron son out of Belldon Jasmine, second was Goldies Dominator, an Ampertaine Bravo son out of Goldies Belle and third was Tweeddale Donald.