Carlisle Limousin bull preview

OK guys, once again its that time when I take my life in my hands and try and provide you all with a bit of entertainment in producing a sale preview for next week’s Limousin sale at Carlisle. As always this is only my pick and there are bound to be some bulls you think are worthy of mention that I don’t talk about.

However, I’ve limited my pick this time to just 20 bulls, so feel free to highlight anything you think I’ve missed. Unless, of course, it is one of your own in which case just beware, as has been shown before, too much hype before can work against you!

Right then, here goes, first up is Orrisdale Demand (lot 80) from P A Kermode, this is a son of Lowabbey Valuation out of French cow Occasion, a Mannix daughter out of Jaquou, a Gifleur daughter. I’ve highlighted him, and I make no apology for this, because of his massive beef value of +50, which includes a muscle depth EBV of +6.4, together with a calving value of +1.

Next up is Baltracey Delboy (lot 108) from Kieran McCroy, this is a Mas Du Clo son out of Knocknagree Tesse, a Dauphin daughter out of a Geant daughter. I’m intrigued by the combination of Mas Du Clo and Dauphin.

Following that is Willodge Diablo (lot 112) from Christine Williams and Paul Tippetts. He is a Ronick Gains son out of Ravenelle, a cow which I’m sure needs no introduction to anyone in the Lim breed. She is of course mother of Wilodge Vantastic and a number of females at Wilodge. He has a beef value of +28, although his calving figures are far from great.

Then ten lots later is Goldies Definition (lot 122) from Bruce Goldie. This one is by Normande Arapaho, sire of 12,000gns black bull Goldies Black Denver. His dam is Goldies Bonny, a Goldies Terrence daughter out of Ronick Isabelle. He also has a cracking beef value of +49, with a muscle depth figure of +5.1 (there is a misprint catalogue, but it is on BASCO).

After that I’ve gone for one of the Millington team, this is Millington Donut (lot 129) and is an ET bred bull by Mas Du Clo out of Ronick Nestle, a full sister to Ronick Hawk which makes him an intriguing proposition, again a bull needing no introduction. He comes with a beef value of +29.

Following that one into my short list is the other from Wilodge, Broadmeadows Cannon son, Wilodge Dominator (lot 140). His sire speaks for himself, and this oen is out of Wilodge Bravenelle, a full sister to Wilodge Vantastic, need I say more? His beef value is +25 and he certainly has one of the most interesting pedigrees on offer.

On from that is the first of a strong line up from Emslies, this is Samy son, Emslies Dracula (lot 149). He’s out of Ballymoney Kim, a Hussard daughter out of the Amoniac line which is responsible for Ballymoney Veronica, last years Royal Welsh interbreed champion. Beef value this time is +35 with a muscle figure of +6.5. Having seen this bull in the flesh he is very wide and deep.

Then its on to one from Messrs Harker, Overthaite Devote (lot 167). This is a Sympa son out of Carmhorn Unanita, a Nenuphar daughter out of Carmhorn Penny, and while he has no figures his pedigree makes him one to look at.

After that I’m heading to an interesting entry from George Hutton, a full French bull Duplex (178). This is a Utrillo son out of Sellette, a Magic daughter. I’ve marked him largely from an intrigue point of view just to see what he’s like, he could well be the surprise package of the day?

Then its on to the only bull forward from Procters Farm, Procters Deutz (183). He is by 100,000gns sire Haltcliffe Vermount and out of Procers Annette, a Mercator daughter out of a Neutron daughter. This is the only bull forward from Procters, so it should be a fair one and comes with a beef value of +28, hampered somewhat by some poor calving figures.

The Hazard family gets my next mark with their Tehix son Mereside Delta (lot 193). His sire is the main reason for the interest and I’m told there are good Tehix yearlings on the ground at two leading herds. This one is out of Mereside Borenia, an Obus daughter. His beef value is just +17, again calving figures look to be the downfall here.

On again after that and I’ve marked Goldies Drambuie, an Ampertaine Bravo son out of Goldies Becky, a Goldies Terrence daughter which goes back to Ronick Inkley, a Broadmeadows Ainsi daughter with no less than 8 females registered out of 14 calves and a number of them good cows at that. His beef value is +31.

Matt and Craig Ridley, Halttcliffe, are next in line for a mark and this is Haltcliffe Dauphin (lot 208), a Sympa son out of Romance, a Nenuphar daughter which is dam of Haltcliffe Anzac, herd sire at Loosebeare. He has a beef value of +41.

Its back to Aberdeenshire with my next pick, another from Harry Emslie, Emslies Dashing (lot 214). He’s by Saphir and out of Emslies Allheart, a heavily fleshed Sympa daughter which has recently sold embryos to Norway. He comes with a beef value of +28.

Off to Haltcliffe again next for Haltcliffe Doctor (lot 218), a Rossignol son out of Haltcliffe Usabelle, a Romnace daughter by Sympa, so a full sister to both Haltcliffe Dauphin (lot 208) and Haltcliffe Anzac. He has a beef value of +37, again held back by not so great calving figures.

Then its one from the Staffords which catched the eye, Kaprico Donato (lot 230). This Ampertaine Abacadabra son is out of Kaprico Ultimate, RASE Limousin champion in 2006. He comes with a beef value of +44 and a muscle figure of +6.4.

Its a big jump on after that to the next on my list, Pennys Dusty (lot 275). This isn’t because there aren’t any bulls to speak off, but I’m trying to keep the list tight. Anyway, Dusty is by Scorboro Aramis and out of Pennys Uvette, an Elrick Raketeer daughter and has the biggest beef value in the catalogue of +53. His pedigree might not be mouthwatering, but with figures like that he has to get a mention.

And talking of big figures, another with a high muscle figure is Netherhall Doubleoseven (lot 279). This Fieldson Alfy son is out of Sarkley Bellatoya and has a muscle depth figure of +8.3 and a beef value of +46. However, he has a calving ease figure of -15.5, so is not one for the heifers.

Then its time for one from Paul Dawes to get a nod and this is Dinmore Eugene (lot 331), an ET bred son of Dauphin out of Dinmore Beauty, a Ravenelle daughter by Tonka – so a full sister to Vantastic. He has a beef value of +40.

For the mathmeticians among you, that is now 19 bulls mentioned, so by rights I ought to mention only one more. But I’m afraid I’m going to cheat and mention three at the same time because they’re all black.

So, first up is Emslies Black Enigma (lot 370), the first son of 25,000gns black bull Bailea Black BMW to be offered for auction. BMW is of course by Requin and out of Belldoon Dutchess Olivia. Dam of this one is Ballymoney Violet, a Domino daughter. He comes with a beef value of +31.

Then its the next black one from Harry, Emslies Black Empire (lot 373). Again by BMW, this one is out of Shannas Polly, a Ronick Jalopy daughter. He has a beef value of +35. I’ll make no apologies for mentioning both of these as I’ve been lucky enough to see them both in the flesh and they both warrant a long hard look come next Friday. Empire may just have the edge on Enigma, but both are probably the best black Lims I’ve seen.

The final black bull and the final bull to get a mention is Knock Black Emlyn, a Newhouse Billy son out of Knock Bramble, from Albert Howie. This goes back to the famous black sire Greenhaugh Utwo. His beef value is +44.

So, there you have it, now its over to you guys to pull that list to pieces…….