Carlisle Limousins average £5025.25

It may sound like a solid average of £5025.25 but for just 90 sold, it could be viewed as a reflection of the times. The credit crunch seems to be banging at the door of most people today, with many bulls struggling to hit the 1500gns mark.

Overall the standard of bulls was strong, but it’s even more evident that health status and figures play a huge part in proceedings. There are still one or two breeders not recording (for what ever reason) and I’ve seen one or two pretty low EBVs – down at just the +7 mark! Those that have figrues are definately selling!

So that’s it for Carlisle – we’re off up the road to Perth now where we’ll keep you informed of proceedings throughout next week.

Pictures will follow later this evening and I’ll have a picture gallery up and running on Monday.