Caution with buyers at Carlisle dairy sale

The Harrison and Hetherington August Pedigree All Breeds Dairy show and Sale comprised a variety of Holstein, Jersey and Ayrshire young cows and heifers.


Some caution was among the buyers due to recent bad weather and escalating feed costs and this meant trade was not quite as brisk as the last couple of club sale, although every animal was sold.


Sixteen animals made over £2000 with top price of the day going to Morwick Gwen 10, a two year old fresh Ayrshire heifer selling for 2800gns. Sired by the hombred Rubens son from Morwick Sand Queen, she was consigned by Messr Howie and now joins the herd of Bailey Farms, Howgill, Kendal.



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In the Holstein section more than 12 heifers made 2200gns or more and these were fairly spread from six different breeders. Topping the lot at 2350gns was a smart, good bodied milky heifer from Messrs Mitchell of Drumdeel who now joins the herd of J T Crowther and Son, Lockerbie.



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Among the Jerseys were two 2000gns animals, both from Messrs Hunters Clydevalley herd. The first was a well uddered second calf daughter of Lester Sambo, from the Leaf family that excels in production, component and longevity and is now joining Messrs Watson and Son, Wigton. The other fresh heifer was by Family Hill Ringmaster and from the Candarel family, who now joins the herd of T A Jackson, Dumfries.










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Border and Lakeland leading prices; 8 cows £1739.06, 43 heifers £1807.71, overall £1796.94


Ayrshire averages 3 cows £1592.50, 22 heifers £1666.64, 25 overall £1657.74


Jersey averages 5 cows £1239, 9 heifers £1237.83, 1 in-calf heifer £903, 2 maiden heifers £588