Closer still to £100 hoggets at Hexham

Yet another prime sheep sale has come close to breaching the £100 barrier of old season lambs, with the best at Hexham yesterday making £95. Suffolk crosses from The Whins took the top price of the day, with the 71 entered from the farm levelling at £89.95, a massive £40 improvement on the same time last year.

Export lambs were also keenly sought after with 33 three-quarter Texels making 197.5p/kg  and a pen of 17 bred the same way also hitting that mark.

Next best in terms of price/head was an £89 call for Charollais crosses, also from The Whins.

Among the cattle on offer the best grossing was an angus cross steer from Flotterton which made £1377.60, with others from the same home achieving £1245.81 and £1177.82.