Colchester trade meets good demand

Colchester Livestock Market sale on Tuesday (12 August) saw 63 cattle sold to a much firmer enquiry, with the number of cattle forward inadequate for buyers requirements.

Prices a head topped at £1,502.21 for a consignment of three heavy steers (651kg+) from R and G R Freeman. These went to C Humphreys and Sons for an average price of £1,369.90 a head.

Top price a kilo of 229.50p went to W A Ketley and Sons for a consignment of 10 light steers (330-500-kg). Buyer was C J Byford and Son who paid an average of 186.60p/kg.

Good conformation steers and heifers were keenly competed for and good conformation grass finished cattle were in demand.


Averages: British Blue X young bulls, 164.50p/kg; British Blue X steers, 195.5p/kg; British Blue X heifers, 224.5p/kg; Charolais X steers, 199.50p/kg; Charolais X heifers, 205.50p/kg; Aberdeen Angus X steers, 209.50p/kg; Blonde D’Aquitaine X heifers, 198.50p/kg; Limousin X steers, 229.50p/kg; Limousin X heifers, 209.50p/kg; South Devon X heifers, 193.50p/kg; Simmental X heifers, 212.50p/kg; Overall average, 190.97p/kg.



656 sheep sold to a good trade throughout achieving an overall average of 178.47p/kg, some 10p/kg above national average.

Both  F Nichols medium (39.1-45kg) new season lambs and Heathpatch Ltd’s heavy (45.6kg) new season lambs realised the top lamb price a head of £90.

Meanwhile the top price a kilo was met by standard (32.1-39kg) new season lambs, at 199p/kg, from Petches Farm.

There were 121 ewes sold to average £56.70, with Berrichon du Cher ewes topping at £99, followed closely by Suffolk ewes at £90.

Three rams averaged £62.67 with Suffolk rams topping at £72.

Lleyn store lambs realised £61 and Suffolks, £58, while one mature sheep was sold for £65 or 130p/kg.


Lamb averages: Texel X lambs; £90 a head or 198p/kg; Dutch Texel X lambs, £90 a head or 202p/kg; Beltex X lambs, £74 a head or 194p/kg; Charollais X lambs, £78.50 a head or 192p/kg; Suffolk X lambs, £90 a head or 192p/kg; Lleyn lambs, £67 a head or 171p/kg; Scottish Blackface X lambs, £71 a head or 180p/kg; Halfbred lambs, £73 a head or 182.50p/kg; Dorset X lambs, £70 a head or 172p/kg; Texel X two tooth, £65 a head; Romney Marsh hogs, £64.

Ewe averages: Beulah Speckle Faced ewes, £45; Berrichon du Cher ewes, £99; Welsh ewes, £45; North Country Mule ewes, £79; Suffolk ewes, £90.