Coloured breed proofs remain static

Dovea Bass retains the top spot in the latest bull proofs for Friesians produced by DairyCo breeding+, with a PLI of £157.

Swapping places, Grietman rises from third to second as his lifespan proof increases to +0.2 lactations, while Sem 7 moves to third. Climbing success continues as Catlane Metropolis moves from fifth to forth.

For the Ayrshire’s, Brieryside Golden Sand with a of PLI £221 took the lead, with his sire Morwick Sand Ranger Red second. Hunday Major Red dropped from first to third place, despite a small increase to his PLI, £204.

Taking top spot in the Jersey rankings, Sunset Canyon Maximus, has a PLI of £225 climbing 20 points. Maximus made impressive increases to his fat transmitting abilities and raised his daughter lifespan score to +0.2 lactations.

Ahlem Lemvig Abe came second with a largely unchanged proof. Newcomer to the top three ranks was third place DJ Hovborg.

The top three bulls on the Guernsey Merit Index (GMI) remained unchanged, with Jensgolden Victory Hunter, GMI 452 ahead of Coulee Crest Luxury Spider and Meadow Court Red Oak.

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