Commercial Holsteins to 2100gns in Dorset

Last week’s sale to disperse the Dalton family’s commercial Holstein herd saw a tip price of  
2100gns paid for a June second Calver by Lutz-Brookview Burt PI.  A February second Calver by Pen-England Garrison giving 37.2kgs a day followed at 2000gns.  

Calved heifers were in demand selling to 1800gns on three occasions to include two April calved heifers by Moet Pavane and Genus Janner.  Two year old in-calf heifers due in July to Holstein or Aberdeen-Angus sires reached 1450gns.

May 2010 born daughters of Coldsprings Gabe sold to 760gns and January born A Lot heifer calves by Matson and Gabe sold to 440gns.

Averages: 183 cows and calved heifers (inc A lots) £1341.76, 18  calved heifers £1735.42,   11  in-calf heifers (due July-Dec)     £1300, 12  served heifers £918, 32 yearling and younger heifers    £529, 17 heifer calves £343, one Aberdeen-Angus bull £1800 (Greenslade Taylor Hunt and Symonds and Sampson).