Commercial Showcattle Society to hold first meeting

The Commercial Showcattle Society is to hold its first public meeting following its launch at the Great Yorkshire Show in July.


It is hoped that representatives from across the beef industry will attend the meeting on 14 September in Chelford, said Society vice chairman Neil Lloyd. “We’re hoping commercial exhibitors, breeders, butchers, committee members, auctioneers and pedigree breeders will attend.”


The intention of this first meeting – which if it proves to be successful more will be scheduled on a regional basis – will be to inform people of Society intentions and discuss how best to take these intentions forward. “Ideas are needed to make the society a strong and powerful force in the beef industry and a voice that will be heard by all major show committees,” added Mr Lloyd.


The meeting will take place on the 14th September at 10am at Lower Withington Village Hall, situated 3 miles south of Chelford market on the A535. For more information regarding the Society or the meeting contact the chairman Jim Hollingsworth on 07890 738 916.