Cornwall Show: Sheep class results


Interbreed Cancelled due to poor weather.

Beltex J & G Howieson’s shearing ewe; res, Mrs L Gregory’s aged ewe.

Border Leicester MJ and VM Pile’s aged ram; res, Mr N Dalgarno’s aged ewe.

British Charollais Mr C Hopper & Son’s shearling ewe; res, Mr EW Quick & Sons’ shearing ram.

Devon & Cornwall Longwool JA Darke Ltd’s shearling ram; res, JA Darke Ltd’s yearling ewe.

Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset Mr NJ Burrington’s shearling ewe; res, Mr TC Clarke’s ram.

Exmoor Horn Brown & Allum’s aged ram; res, Mr T Atkins & Sons’ shearling ewe.

Greyface Dartmoor C Mortimore’s ram; res, Mr C Mortimore’s yearling ewe.

Hampshire Down Mr HC Derryman and Sons’ shearling ram; res, J Heywood & Sons’ ewe.

Jacob C & C Slee’s ewe; res, C & C Slee’s shearling ewe.

Lleyn Mrs SP Sayers’ shearling ewe; res, Mrs SP Sayers’ shearling ram.

Roussin Mrs SD Martyn’s aged ram; res, Mr AJ Carter’s aged ewe.

Ryeland Mr RP Wear’s shearling ewe; res, Mr RP Wear’s aged ram.

Scotch Black-Faced Mr IG Mortimore & Son’s yearling ewe; res, Mr IG Mortimore & Son’s old ram.

Southdown Miss M Wallace’s shearling ram; res, Messrs DS & P Humphrey’s aged ram.

Suffolk Mr R Lawrence’s ram lamb; res, Mr MW Waycott’s aged ewe.

Texel Mr EW Quick and Sons’ shearling ram; res, Mr EW Quick and Sons’ aged ram.

Zwartbles Miss P Godwin’s shearling ram; res, Miss P Godwin’s aged ewe.

Any Other Native Breed R & R Jordan’s North Country Cheviot shearling ewe; res, Messrs GE & EJ Nicholls’ Devon Closewool shearling ewe.

Longwool breeds Mr ER Tucker’s British Galway ewe; res, Mr CR Stacey’s White Face Dartmoor ewe lamb.

Shortwool breeds Miss A Stokes’ Oxford Down ram; res, Mr CR Stacey’s Herdwick ewe.

Primitive breeds R & D Huxter’s Shetland ram; res, R & D Huxter’s Shetland ewe.