Council pledge on future of Louth cattle market

Farmers in Lincolnshire have been offered assurances about the future of a cattle market in Louth.

East Lindsey District Council has announced that if it decides to sell the current site of Louth livestock market it will build a replacement.

The future of the market has been in question for a number of years and it is understood that at least one supermarket is interested in buying the land it currently occupies.

In a statement released on 17 May, the council said it was currently seeking expert advice to inform its decision about whether to market the site as available for redevelopment.

But it added if the council were to take a decision to dispose of the site, a replacement facility would need to made available.

“The right to hold a cattle market is vested in the district council and is covered by a royal charter,” said the statement.

“In the event of a redevelopment of the current site the cattle market would be relocated to a new site within the Louth area. This would be primarily funded by the district council.”

Louth Market Auctioneers, who runs the market, said the company was committed to running a livestock market in Louth for as long as it was required by the local farming community and for as long as it remained sustainable.

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