Covid-19: Farmers asked to donate protective clothing to NHS

Livestock farmers have been urged to donate surplus fluid-resistant gowns or overalls to help protect NHS staff working on the front-line fight against Covid-19.

As cases of the virus continue to mount, supplies of protective equipment for emergency workers have come under pressure.

There is now a national shortage of fluid-resistant gowns within the NHS, putting health workers’ lives at risk.

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The call for donations was made by Simon Goodwin, a senior animal health officer in East Yorkshire, who contacted the National Pig Association (NPA) and asked for assistance.

The organisation has now relayed that message to its members and urged other sectors, along with allied industries, to support the effort.

The NPA said that, in some situations, NHS staff could use coveralls instead of gowns, and farmers may be able to provide these and relieve some pressure on supplies.

NPA chief executive Zoe Davies said: “If anyone has a stash of paper overalls you are not using, please donate them to help with the battle against Covid-19. But make sure you check the specification first.”

What the NHS needs and how to donate

The type of equipment the NHS needs is specific. 

Details can be found via the NPA website.

Donations can be made nationally on the government’s website or to Mr Goodwin’s local authority area in the Humber region.

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