Creskeld dairy dispersal tops 4,000gns

The dispersal sale of John and Carolyn Stoddart-Scott’s Creskeld herd, from Arthington, near Leeds, realised a top call of 4,000gns for the third calver Creskeld Ice Pack Judy.


This Pennview Ice Pack daughter is classified VG88 and sold to local breeder David Ryder, Otley, giving 41kg a day and in-calf to Gillette Windbrook.


The same buyer purchased the next best-selling lot, also back in calf to Windbrook, for 3,400gns. The second calver Creskeld Allen Piper is classified VG86 and is sired by Magor Bolivia Allen and out of Creskeld Stormatic Piper.

She gave 8,943kg in her first lactation and is currently giving 36kg a day.


Also at 3,400gns was the June-2010 born Creskeld Knowledge Carol, who classified GP 83 as a 2-year-old.

She went home with Decrar Farming giving 31kg a day, having recently calved in May.


By the same sire and making 3,300gns was Creskeld Allen Honeysuckle, out of Creskeld Stormatic Honeysuckle.  She sold to DJ Clarke Farming Ltd, near Preston, giving 44kg a day and in-calf to R-E-W Seaver.


At the same money was the Plain-O Durham Ross daughter Creskeld Ross Piper, classified GP 83. She sold to B Danforth’s Richman herd giving 26kg and in-calf to Windbrook.


Topping the heifer section when selling to C Lupton and Sons, Selby, for 2,950gns was Creskeld Ross Judy, classified VG 86.

Sired by Durham Ross and out of Creskeld Allen Judy, she is in-calf to B-Crest Shadow.


Averages: 94 cows and calved heifers, £2,366; 32 served heifers, £1,828; 38 maiden heifers, £945.

In total 164 averaged 1,932.


(Norton and Brooksbank).