Crowds gathering for Carlisle Limousin sale

With less than ten minutes to go until the official start time for selling here at Carlisle this morning the market is buzzing with activity as potential buyers fill the pens looking for their next stock bull and there is certainly plenty for them to pick from.

Many reckon this is the best show of bulls here for some time and I’d be inclined to agree, although there are still several with mobility problems which could prove problematic in the long-term.

That said I can see there being a real solid trade here today with plenty of commercial men looking for new stock bulls and the beef trade providing them enough confidence to push on and buy the bulls they want. Unlike this time last year I can’t see David Tomlinson needing a bottle of scotch to get trade going, in fact he’s so confident that the only liquid refreshment he’s offering today is Diet Coke – that’s it Tommo, think of your figure!!