Dairy cattle diseases and pests

Advice and help on how to avoid and deal with a range of dairy cattle diseases, pests and infections.


Information, research and tips on controlling mastisits

Using vaccines – facts and case study

Using antibiotics correctly

Cutting mastitis rates by rotating dry cows at pasture

Controlling mastitis with a gold-standard parlour routine – case study


Best practice worm control


Strategies for dealing with Bovine Viral Diarrhoea

The role of biosecurity in the battle against BVD

Vaccination as part of a systematic control programme

Strategies across the UK to eradicate BVD

Tag and testing calves against BVD

How a holistic strategy has tackled the disease


How early treatment can have long-term benefits

Key facts and treatment plans


Expert advice to tackle pneumonia

How building design can prevent a pneumonia outbreak

Johne’s disease

Facts on Johne’s disease and farm case study

How a national monitoring programme cut disease in Holland


The symptoms explained and how to tackle this metabolic disease

Milk fever

Reducing cases with calcium boluses

Preventative strategies


Preventing lameness with track maintenance and foot care

How to scabble surfaces to protect feet and case study


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