Dairy Event 2010: Get eco-aid with green energy service

A new green energy service could help dairy farmers considering alternative energy sources make a choice.

The Dairy Group will take an unbiased look at individual farmers green energy opportunities, says the company’s director Nick Holt-Martyn. “Our Green Energy service provides a review of the farm green energy resources which will include wind, anaerobic digestion, photovoltaic, solar, biomass, hydro and air/ground source heat pumps.”

The Dairy Group will review the existing farming business to look at the recent trading strengths and weaknesses and assess the ability to raise capital for a green energy investment. “We also analyse the green energy resources to identify the constraints such as planning issues, grid connection or supply constraints.”

All the information is fed in to a financial model that looks at their capital need, labour and management input, operating costs, income streams and finally returns on capital.

For more information contact Nick Holt-Martyn nick.holt-martyn@thedairygroup.co.uk