Dairy Event 2010: KW Compass Programme claims profitability boost

Find out about a novel farm initiative that could help dairy farmers improve profitability at the Dairy Event.

The Compass Programme from KW Feeds has been running for two years on selected farms and has worked closely with the farmer, farm staff and vet.

These mainstream farms have been taken on a journey of improvement, with physical and financial progress independently validated by Kite Consulting, explained KW’s Michael Marsden.

“The majority of UK dairy and beef farms can be more profitable, but many are failing to reach their potential. Whether it’s lower milk yields, poor health, fertility or labour problems, the challenges that hold them back are both complex and often inter-related. But these challenges can be met. Our new Compass Programme enables participants to plot a route to improved profitability.”

The first three Compass holdings have already made significant step-by-step performance improvements since joining the Compass Programme. “It’s about providing solutions to improve profitability.”

For more information email david@abccomms.co.uk.

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