Dairy Event 2010: Programmable milk replacer feeder

The Urban U40 Twin from Volac, due for launch at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show, can be programmed to feed two different calf milk replacers (CMR) at any one time.

This allows mixing of calves within a batch. For example, a specifically formulated heifer CMR for replacement heifers can be fed from the same system as a CMR designed for dairy-bred beef calves.

In addition, two different formulations of CMRs can be fed and optimally adjusted according to the calf’s stage of development. For example, a high-protein CMR fed in the early stages can be replaced by a lower specification towards weaning.

“The Urban U40 Twin has been designed to offer farmers increased flexibility to enhance their calf feeding and management, together with cost savings,” says Volac’s Sophie Gale. “In addition, the system delivers all the benefits of a computerised calf feeding system of labour saving combined with a precisely controlled feeding regime to exploit growth potential.”

Existing Urban U40 systems can be upgraded with the Twin facility. For further information visit the Volac stand at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show or contact Volac on 0800 919 808.