Dairy Event 2010: Sanitising foam helps parlour hygiene

The new and unique Easyfoam system, which is an operated pre-foaming system for dairy cows is now available through Northern Dairy Equipment.

The system is able to produce a regulated or continuous supply of santising foam automatically at different densities into a specially designed cup, which greatly reduces waste.

The same technology is also used in a spray/dip system for post milking, fully coating the teats with a disinfectant film in the small dip cup. A simple pressure on the lever of the lightweight dosing pistol opens the circuit which fills up the dip cup and the teat can be fully dipped until it is completely covered by the appropriate disinfectant.

Time is saved with both pre- and post-dipping for the operator as the cup head is continually filled with sanitiser and therefore saving time with refilling. Both systems can be installed in small or large herds and in any make of parlour.