Dairy Event 2010: Track mastitis in your herd

A new mastitis tracker service from NMR will allow mastitis causing pathogens to be identified in preserved milk samples, eliminating the risk from contamination in the previous technique of culture samples using fresh milk.

The new technique uses preserved samples and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology which measures the amount of DNA for each specific pathogen and provides far more accurate results, said NMR business development manager Hannah Pearse.

The service will report trends in pathogens so patterns in groups of cows such as heifers, old cows or cohorts can be tracked.

The service requires producers to include a Mastitis Tracker request form in the milk samples at the recording time and then once the sample has been through the NMR milking quality testing it is sent on to the PCR lab with minimum delay and reported back through the Herd Companion website within 24 hours.”

It costs £13 or £14 plus VAT a test depending on volumes tested.

For more information call 08447 255 567 or email customerservices@nmr.co.uk

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