Dairy trade to £2,270 at Sedgemoor

A good dairy trade was reported by Greenslade Taylor Hunt with a good number of quality cows and heifers on offer. Seven cows and heifers sold over £2,000, with trade topping £2,270 for a non pedigree heifer from John and Heather Snook, with others from the same venue at £2,000.

Frank Luff of Lympsham sold pedigree “Poynings” heifers to £2,120. Others sold to £2,100 and £2,050 for first time consignors Messrs R E and E A M Vooght and Son from Newton Abbot.

A good entry of eight heifers from Messrs R L and M E Trott sold to £2,010. £2,010 was also achieved by Messrs FG Summerhayes and Son. Second calvers sold to £1850 for Mr E Vickery. Pedigree Jersey heifer to £1070 for Messrs D & L Lewis.

In calf heifer to £1,590 for Messrs B G and RM Coombes and £1,380 and £1,350 for A M Davies, Totnes.


An improved entry of 560 store cattle, part of 1003 with stirks and sucklers met another excellent trade. Strong Farm Assured feeding steers from Messrs D W and A E Enticott, Ashbrittle topped at £1,218 for Charolais (20/23m), when Blue steers (19/22m) from the same farm achieved £1,170.

A super run of feeding Farm Assured steers from Mr PJ Betty, Othery rose to £1,100 for shapely Limousins (21m), with others to £1,065 (21/22m) and a Blue steer (21m) at the same price. Mr Betty also sold a Blonde (22m) at £1,035. Forward Farm Assured feeding Simmental steers sold to £1,085 (21/22m) from Mr C, T Spiller, Hemyock, who sold others similar (21/27m) at £1,020.

Native steers peaked at £1,070 twice for a South Devon (20m) from Swaddledown Farms, Bratton Clovelly and Angus (22/23m and FA) from Mr PJ Betty again. Angus cattle in particular sold especially well. Hereford steers peaked at £1025 (19m) from Mr S Chard, Bristol.

Some good Black and White steers on offer to £1,045 (24m & FA) for proper Friesians from Messrs PL and MJ Johns and Sons, Crediton. Others sold to £1,030 for a strong overage steer from Messrs J R and C M Heyward, Chilton Polden. Black and White steers also generally well sold.

Heifers again over £1,000 to £1,055 for a smart, fleshed, Farm Assured 22m Blonde from Mr MTD Pile, Dunkeswell, who sold others similar (20m) at £1,015 and (20/22m) at £980. £980 was also bid for a good Limousin heifer (25m) from Mr FH Trerise, Okehampton.

Native heifers were also in the high nines at £960 twice for smart, fleshed, South Devons (23/28m & FA) from Mr C T Spiller again and a red, fleshed Hereford (29m & FA) from Mr MTD Pile again.

Young stores were well sold to £890 and £870 for Blue heifers (17/18m & FA) from Mr PJ Berry from Barnstaple, who also sold Blue steers (17/18m) at £885 and £860. A good run of young steers from Messrs Richard Stevens and Co, Oakford rose to £898 (13/14m) when Charolais (15/18m) from the same farm sold at £895.

(Greenslade Taylor Hunt)