Dairy Event 2009: Biocide claimed to save 25% on dairy chems

A new biocide that can be produced on farm, offering a saving of up to 25% in dairy farm chemical costs, was launched at today’s Dairy Event and Livestock Show by Aqualution Systems.

Solosan can be produced on farm from water, salt and a 240V electricity supply, said Aqualution Systems’ Nick Meakin.

“Passing an electric current through saline solution produces a powerful biocide, capable of killing bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens on contact.”

The biocide destroys both MRSA and avian influenza virus, is non-toxic and safe for humans and animals and boasts an environmentally-friendly profile.

“Solosan can keep a herd and its parlour free of microbial challenges to their productivity and could mean the end of mixing and diluting different chemicals for parlour hygiene,” he said.

“The ‘on-tap’ biocide replaces your footbaths, teat dips, sprays and disinfectants with a single, easy-to-use product.”

A dairy farmer, Mr Meakin says the product is suitable for all health and hygiene tasks. “As an addition to drinking water, Solosan removes biofilm and algal growth, improving general cow health,” he said.

And because the product is non-toxic and non-irritating, Solosan is easy for operators to use and good for cow welfare.

“It is particularly effective in reducing the incidence of digital dermatitis and mastitis, but the main thing is access to a continuous supply of biocide.”

The equipment used to generate Solosan runs automatically and is self-contained and remotely-monitored.

“This means minimum on-farm input while always producing the quantities required in the correct dilutions.”