Farmer Focus Livestock: Milk prices are on the rise for Ben Drewitt

This is the last article of the year and where has the time gone? I hardly blinked and I’m a year older along with the rest of you.

The milk price in Hungary is finally getting to a sensible one, our home market is offering about 68 forints a litre, that’s about 23p and the Italian milk companies are giving between 28 and 32 cents/litre approximately 27.5p/litre.

Recently I had a day I wish not to remember. It all started with my dog “sheep” getting caught up in a 3ft piece of barbed wire. It took me half an hour to catch him, then another half an hour to get the wire out of his matted hair, he is a Hungarian Comondor.

Then when I thought things could only get better, my wife complained about clutch problems with our car and after a quick trip to the garage they informed me I needed a new one, setting me back £500.

But, that wasn’t it. I then took a phone call saying my wife and daughters horses were in the neighbour’s field running in the opposite direction of our stables. This took me another few hours and almost a cardiac arrest to coax them back to their own paddock. I don’t usually say anything positive about the French, but making horse sausages seemed like a great idea at the time.

After that, the rest of the day went reasonably well, milk was OK and weather average.

However, upon sitting down with a cup of tea, Bradley, my son came in crying and holding his lip. After a trip to A&E and some stitches, the day was nearly over.

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