Fullwood launch new products at Dairy Event and Livestock Show

In an attempt to save labour and costs, Fullwood have launched a number of products at this year’s Dairy Event and Livestock Show.

Firstly, the company has extended its range of milking controllers with the addition of its new entry-level MicroMatic cluster remover and the FlowMatic Plus milking controller. Fullwood’s technical director John Baines says these products provide a cost effective alternative to Fullwood’s high-end milk monitoring and automatic sampling control units.

“MicroMatic is a dedicated cluster removal controller with the ability to accurately measure low milk flows,” explains Mr Baines. “This ensures cluster removal occurs at precisely the right time and prevents over milking as well as safe guarding udder health and milk quality.”

The FlowMatic Plus is a new generation of milking controller that has all the benefits of the MicroMatic with the additional function of controlling pulsation speed. “The system controls the complete process during milking and supports automatic or manual stimulation at the start of milking to encourage let down.”

Furthermore, the FlowMatic Plus has an operator terminal that displays valuable information including milk flow, milking time and stage of milking, and provides early warnings of abnormal milking.

Other new products include an updated version of its AugerMaster in-parlour feeder which offers improved feed dispensing accuracy which helps reduce wastage and allows greater control over individual rations.


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