Identify maize varieties for improved margins

The difference between the best and worst maize varieties could cost farmers almost £4,000.

Trial results from Kingshay found in a 150 cow dairy herd, the crop value difference between the best and worse varieties that were grown on intermediate sites was more than £3,700.

However, Kingshay technical manager Peter Shipton says the difference could be even greater. “We have tested leading varieties against each other, so the difference could be greater with less well performing ones.”

And he warns against opting for cheaper options. “The difference in seed cost between varieties can be £20 an acre but this pales in to insignificance against the potential difference in the value of the crop you will harvesting, which on our trials amounted to more than £100/acre. So a 150 cow farm might save £70 on seed cost but forego more than £3,700 in crop value.”

Mr Shipton says crop agronomy should also be an important consideration to get the most from the crop.

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