NMR Gold Cup heads to Dorset

The NMR Gold Cup heads to Dorset, as Nick Cobb and his team from West Chaldon farm beat off five other herds from across Britain to take the NMR/RABDF Gold Cup, which was presented at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show.

Mr Cobb who manages the 700-cow Holstein Chalclyffe herd on the Weld Estate in Dorset, has a team of 13 staff, including a team of six who between them milk three times a day.

Average yield for the qualifying year ending September 2007 stood at 11,687kg at 4.05% fat and 3.11% protein. The SCC stood at 140,000 cells/ml, with a calving interval of 387 days and a replacement rate of 21%. Heifers averaged 24.5 months old when they calve.

Nick believes the highly skilled team is vital to the herd’s-and-business’ success and says every member has a pivotal role and valued role within the team.

Commenting on Nick’s success, RABDF chairman and one of the judges Lyndon Edwards says “the sheer scale of the set up on this dairy and the fact that it runs like a well-oiled machine under the watchful eye of Nick is impressive. A blueprint for large herd management is being developed very successfully-it’s progressive, dynamic business and behind its success is a great team.”

Mr Cobb commented how he didn’t expect to win.  “In the past I had looked up to previous winners, I never thought i would be stood in these shoes, I am lost for words.”


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