NVZ appeals process open to all, NFU says

Any farmer who believes their land has been wrongly designated an Nitrate Vulnerable Zone can appeal against the decision, the NFU has said.

Farmers in England who have evidence that a mistake was made in their NVZ designation can appeal regardless of whether they are in one of the newly-appointed zones.

Farmers have until 31 January to lodge and appeal, while supporting evidence needs to be submitted by 10 March.

Paul Temple, NFU vice-president, said: “It appears some farmers have been told that the opportunity to appeal only applies to farmers in new NVZs. This is inaccurate.

“All farmers in NVZs have the opportunity to appeal against designation if they have evidence that a mistake has been made.”

Details of the appeal process and appeal forms are available from DEFRA. The NFU has produced a step-by step guide to appealing for members. 

Farmers in Wales have until 31 March to lodge an appeal.